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10:02pm 08/03/2012

Quick Bio:
-pound cat

birdwatching, napping, playing, cat grass

having my ears touched too much

Favorite Toy:
cat dancer

Favorite Nap Spot:
donut bed

Favorite Food:
pita bread, tiny bits of pear, sauces (apple, salsa, bbq), boca burgers, wellness core, crunchy treats

champion soccer player and monkey in the middle, yoga


Arrival Story:
In the fall of 2001, I somehow lost my previous home and ended up at the local animal control. After spending nearly two months in a tiny cage I was listed online as "desperate" by FICAS volunteers, since I was scheduled to be taken away by a bad person known as a Class B Dealer. He would in turn sell lil' me to research for a large profit! My adopted mom saw me on Petfinder and drove from Ann Arbor to the Ingham County Animal Control in Mason, Michigan to rescue me right away. I practically dived into the carrier! Do you blame me? And mom says I'm the perfect kitty. ♥

I've lived both east and midwest; I began my life in Michigan's capitol. I've since lived in the college town of Ann Arbor and the gigantic metropolis of New York City. In NYC, I enjoyed looking down from our 23rd floor apartment windowsill and across at the busy office workers in the neighboring building. Mom and I then spent time in a suburb outside of Detroit for her new job, and I most enjoyed summers filled with bird and bunny-watching on the sun porch. I'm back in Ann Arbor, where my fave pastimes are grazing cat grass, stalking aquarium fish, and cackling at birds. I'm still up to my wiley ways.

Lives Remaining:
8 of 9

"Many birds are better than 1" ~purryface mei lingers

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09:00pm 01/12/2006